About Us

Everyone at The Meal Group is dedicated to improving the space in which people live by providing exceptionally high quality renovations and home restructuring with the highest regard for client satisfaction and the health and safety of clients, staff and trades.






Jake Meal is passionate about helping homeowners realize their dreams and their property’s potential. You can trust The Meal Group to design, build and complete – from the most modest to the magnificent…


  • Trained in Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Skilled tradesman

  • Strong building background with extensive experience in project management, procurement, scheduling, estimating, contracts, and the building code through the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA).

  • Always respecting elements such as health and safety, structural requirements, and fire protection



About Jake Meal
Preferred Partners

All experts in their field, providing the following expertise:


  • Architectural Design

  • Code Certified Design and Drawings

  • Structural Engineering and Design

  • HVAC Design

  • Electrical and Lighting Design

  • Interior Design and Decorating

  • Plumbing Contractor - Gold Seal Designated & Master Plumber

  • HVAC Contractor – TSSA Licensed & HRAI Member

  • Electrical Contractor – ESA Licensed and Authorized Contractor




About Faye Meal

As a Real Estate Broker and experienced Real Estate Investor with a passion for current design trends, Faye plays a critical role in the execution of The Meal Group Projects. Faye is committed to working with our clients to ensure that the projects are planned and completed with an exceptionally high level of quality, design detail and added value.


Faye is well positioned to advise our clients on design considerations, the value of renovation investments and assist with cost benefit analysis during the planning phase.


  • Trained and Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • Experienced Real Estate Investor

  • Certified Negotiator

  • Experienced Home Stager with a passion for current design trends

  • Always balancing the client’s wishes with design function, cost and investment payback


The Meal Group

"Jake and his team were great to work with. Jake is a true professional who exemplifies quality customer service and superior organizational and communication skills. He has the keen ability to solve problems quickly and effectively and keeps the client in the loop on an ongoing basis so that any issues that may come up can be dealt with in a collaborative manner. He delivered the project on time and on budget. I would recommend Jake and his crew to anyone. They were a pleasure to work with."


- Mike and Angela, Toronto