Jake's Early Years


My father was a licensed sheet metal worker, and early on in his career, built a successful custom home and renovation business on the west coast of Canada. From the tender age of five, I was at my father’s side on site. My first job was keeping the site clean and organized.


Once I mastered that, I graduated to “pack mule” – carrying everything from lumber for the carpenters, to stone for the masons and shingles for the roofers.


I took great pride in what I did and a great interest in building. I realized I was going to be a builder some day, just like my father.


My father would often say to me… you’ve gotta be fast, you’ve gotta be sure, it better be right! After graduating high school, I worked in the family business, learning both the trade and the business in preparation for taking it over (if my father ever decided to retire).


Being the boss’s son didn’t matter. Like everyone else, I had to be trained – and trained well – in formwork, framing, roofing, siding, plumbing and flooring and leading custom home build projects.


Building things is my passion. I invite you to join me on this rewarding journey.



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