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The Meal Group
The Meal Group
The Meal Group

IT'S THE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER IN JAKE MEAL that provides him with the knowledge, insight and experience to know how things go together, how to find innovative solutions to complex problems, and how to

do things right – the first time.


The Meal Group is passionate about helping homeowners realize their dreams and their property’s potential.


Whether you require a full renovation, or simply need expert advice on the best approach for your project,

we are here to help.


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We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship, attention
to detail, and professionalism from start to finish.

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"Jake and his team enthusiastically carried out the construction, on time, over an 8 week schedule. They were professional, courteous and thorough in their daily construction activities. The site was orderly, safe and properly secured at the end of each day. Jake himself was usually the first there and the last to leave, ensuring that things were tied up for the day and ready for the next. 


The completed construction was beyond even my expectations. Quality of construction, attention to detail and follow-up after completion were all exemplary."


– David Pearce, Mississauga

The Meal Group